marigold city or violet motorcycle ?

  1. help me choose ladies, here are the pics !

    is it true that marigold is the hottest color right now ???

    please advise soonest, need to place my order like tomorrow morning !
    Balenciaga City Bag MARIGOLD.jpg Balenciaga Motorcycle Medium VIOLET.jpg
  2. violet city would be my vote.
  3. marigold!!!!!
  4. I personally have and like Violet, but the jaune/marigold is beautiful too!
    When i was out shopping for clothes, most of the colors I saw would go better with the Violet, but you have to look at your wardrobe and the colors you favor. You can't go wrong with either bag as they are HOT!
    Let us know which you end up getting!
  5. I love both! However, I think jaune would be my pick of the two.
  6. Both super but the violet may prove more versatile.
  7. I'd pick violet.
  8. I like both but I love the Violet more.
  9. violet!
  10. Get both HEEHEE
  11. Violet.
  12. violet city! if you like the juane also...try a day or twiggy! :heart::tup:
  13. Ditto!
  14. I agree with Becca - just looking at the juane makes the day sunnier :tup:
  15. I love both, but feel like violet might be easier to mix into any given wardrobe.