Marigold Baby arrived...finally "small" group pic

  1. OOOH! i am so 2nd bbag arrived...
    Thanks to Rocco:yahoo: im the proud owner of this marigold beauty that is just perfect for going out (tested it yesterday night;) )


    Heres my olive05 first:heart:

    with some of my other bags
  2. Love the color -- and your olive! I think I need one of those!
  3. I don't know who is prettier, you or your collection! Lovely!!!:smile:
    Where are you from, I am trying to decipher what "VIE" means...
  4. Lovely!!! And I love your new avatar!
  5. That color is so beautiful. Balenciaga, why oh why so many blues when there are beautiful colors like this that you could use??? :confused1: Stunning color and it looks great on you. You are gorgeous and so is the bag. :yes:
  6. Thanks Rondafaye..The olive bag just has the softest leather ive EVEr seen in any bag.. maybe u really NEED one of these:graucho::yes:

    Stylefly..u make me blush.. thanks so much for this fabulous compliment:shame:
    VIE is the airportcode for my lovely hometown Vienna,Austria

    TTucker, thanks so much!!

    I am so happy with my new bag!!:love:
  7. oulaliscious, beautiful olive first, and marigold too! you look great modeling them:yes:
  8. true..about the blue

    Thanks so much powder!just a bal starter though..Ive seen ur lovely collection..its amazing:love:
  9. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  10. What a cute, cute bag! Thanks for the pics! It's a good size reference to see the small classique next to a first. They both look soo good on you too! :heart:
  11. oulaliscious.....

    Congrats!!! both bbags look great on u!!! :smile:
  12. The bag is so cute, and it looks great on you! congrats!
  13. You finally got it!! yay! :nuts: Its sooo cute! What style is that?? so little.. I love your olive first too, I would love to have a olive anything ..hehe..
  14. Congrats.
  15. It looks amazing on you! Congratulations!
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