Marigold 2003 styles?


Jan 5, 2006
I have a flat clutch in the marigold but I'm not sure what else was out. Sorry I'm not more help!


Jan 12, 2007
marigold was a fall 2004 color. i have it in a compagnon wallet and a make up clutch. i've also seen city, first, mini classique, and flat clutch in the color.
it's before the day and work styles came out (i *think*) so no days or works... also, i don't think box and courier were introduced until later, so no boxes or couriers, either...
the purse, weekender, and twiggy styles were around in that season, but i don't think i've ever seen one in any of those styles. i wonder if the color was just really limited and only produced in few styles...

i wish that color wasn't so rare. :sad: i was obsessed with the marigold and the spring 04 yellow and bugged the living crap out of another tPFer to sell hers to me for a while. ("T", if you're reading, i'm truly sorry for being so annoying. haha. :P) i think i've gotten over it now, LOL, but i hope the new marigold for fall 07 will be nice. i would love a work or day in a yellow color. :smile: