MarieG's tiny collection :)

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents, as you know I just love bags and now I have finally managed to take pictures of my small collection. I hope you like it and enjoy the pics!:yes:
    LVGucciDior.JPG COACH Hobos.JPG COACHCarryallHamptons.JPG CelliniDesmo.JPG BalenciagaCityandFirst.JPG
  2. lovely collection :smile: i love that thing hanging on your bbag first whered you get it ? it totally matches the bag goorrgeeous:smile:
  3. ...and some of my accessories :yes:

  4. Thanks Kaka! :flowers:The charm on my black first is the COACH flower charm- I really love it, too!:yes:

    The link is:
  5. Beautiful collection ... not tiny at all! Especially love your Coach bags! Thanks so much for sharing! :yes:
  6. Thank you, Crystallene!:yes:
  7. Great collection.
  8. Very nice :smile:
  9. ^^Thanks, ladies!:flowers:
  10. love your Coach hobo's and the Bbags!
  11. ^^Thanks MrsJimmyh! I have been using my BBags the most ever since I got them!:love:
  12. Nice collection-I love your Coach charms!
  13. nice collection, love the bbags
  14. cute! Nice collection! I love the coach scribbles!
  15. You have a lovely collection--not tiny at all. Your Cellini is gorgeous--gathered leather always looks elegant to me. Thanks for letting us admire!