marie clare here today...

  1. So, the people from Marie Clare magazine are here today downtown asking people "what do you like about yourself" and they take your picture and you might be put in the magazine.

    lol at first, i thought, "how embarassing" but now i keep thinking about it, wondering if i should just go down to do it.

    who even reads that magazine though?? gosh, i havn't picked up a MC in years!

    would you do it?
  2. Sure, why not? :smile: They had called me once for a "wedding disasters" article, and I gave them my own personal wedding disaster story...they then rewrote the entire thing to sound much more dramatic and asked if it was ok. I said sure...then I picked up the issue...and they didn't even put my story in there! So even if you go down there they may not insert you into the magazine, but it would still be fun anyway. :smile:
  3. I'd be up for it! :biggrin:
  4. I like Marie Claire. I think it's a great magazine for women and I'm over I mainly love the articles where they focus on the lives of women around the world.
  5. go for it! how often do you get to be in a magazine?? =)

    new experience that's harmless!

    I think those are good =)
  6. sure!
  7. I wouldn't, I'm too shy. :wtf: -Me if they ever asked me before I ran away.
  8. I'd do it except for the fact that they put your picture in there. I'm very protective of my identity and privacy and wouldn't want it out in mass circulation. It's definitely a personal choice.

    By the way, I'm in my 30s and I buy several MCs each year. I find it to be a decent, entertaining read. :smile:
  9. I totally read MC, I really like their fashion sections especially when it is a new season as they have runway recaps. I would go for it, it might be fun
  10. Just wanted to add that I read Marie Clare sometimes, too. I like how it is a well-rounded magazine.
  11. I just got the Marie Claire 2 Accessories Magazine today! (chinese editioN!) A lot of eye candy inside!
  12. nope, would never do that. A friend asked me once who interned at a magazine if I could answer some questions - and first I said yes but then she told me I would have to post my pic as well. and no way - too private, and you never know, it wouldn't look too good work-wise.

    anyways, not a fan of MC. but hey, if you feel comfy with this kind of thing - great, go for it.
  13. so, did you do it?!?!?