Marie Claire's Event in Gaysorn - Thailand

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    I appreciate the lady who owns a purse that should be admired by others... It only reflects her good TASTE !

    P.S. Sorry for the unclear photos, I was standing very far away...
  2. Wow.....2 birkins in one day. For the 1st pic, what color is that croc? Anyone knows?
  3. :shocked: it is either a rally bad pic or the first lady has the nerve of wearing a fake croc birkin to the event
  4. :lol: I agree. The first one looks very doesn't even have the flap!
  5. You all are too funny!
  6. Yeah....I think so. But maybe Moonlighting will be in a better position to explain whether it is a fake birkin or a real one cos I don't think she stands that very far away & should be able to know.
  7. Does anyone knows what is the silver clutch that the lady wearing the red dress has? It looks like a hermes clutch. Forgot what's the name. It has the "H" letter on the front.
  8. it is called "jige":flowers:
  9. Thxs, lilach. So, is that silver clutch really a jige?
  10. from, what i can see it looks like one in the smaller size i do believe it is the 15cm X 29 cm version the larger one is 19 X 29 cm

  11. I was standing overlooking the event on the opposite side where these ladies were sitting... I'm not an expert in spotting fake Herme :hrmm:..

    Here's another photo:

  12. I don't think she's intentionally carrying it off as an Hermes - I don't see the Hermes stamp. It's the blatantly fake bags that have the hermes stamps on the front and lock that are a bad sign in my book.

    Even if it's an inspired birkin, I am in love with it! I didn't think croc looked that good in white... Hermes doesn't align their croc or alligators in that pattern, at least I've never seen the genuine birkins with that pattern.

    Thanks Moonlight, can you repost the genuine hermes pics in the Asian women and their birkins thread?
  13. still an "inspired" bag for me is as bad as a fake one. it is stealing of intellectual and creative property. period (i consider the design not the name as the most important part )
  14. I love that jige clutch! It's to die for!

  15. I understand your point too lilach. I always wondered if Jane Birkin ever got royalties for her "design"? She was the one who requested/sketched a shorter HAC; the HAC design of course had its roots as saddle bags that riders kept their gear and boots in. I've always wondered about it (use of her idea, name, etc)

    It's such an iconic shape in fashion. There's bound to be inspiration for others as homage to fashion. I don't think of the intellectual property as much as I value quality materials. Ralph Lauren jumped on the bandwagon with the Ricky bag -- although at that price, I'd hold out for Hermes! ;)