Marie Claire Ashley Olsen

  1. So I love the new round Chanel sunglasses that Ashley Olsen i wearing in the new MC magazine. Does anyone know what model number they are and how much they are? Thanks ladies!
  2. oooh I don't know the model number but I'm pretty sure my SA said they were around $400.
  3. i believes its these

    picture of ldldb


    from chanel in action thread
  4. she looks sooo pretty on the cover!
  5. These are at my NM...
    SOOO cute!
  6. Love those sunnies, such a funky take.
  7. I tried these on last Friday when I was down in Chicago.

    They are very Iris Apfel. See the thread and info on her a style maven here:
    Iris Apfel

  8. yes, those are them! thanks ladies! i assumed they would be around 400. Anyone happen to know a style number? I dont think my Saks has them so Ill have to have them ordered...
  9. I :heart: these sunnies! Thanks to everyone who posted information and links to style numbers/availability.