marie antoinette anyone?

  1. have you seen this movie?
    i haven't seen it but i'm so disappointed cause the cast to be MA is kirsten dunst (nothing against her, but her face is NOT that classic), i don't think she fits for this character. and what's with jason schawrtzman as Louis? is he sofia's cousin?

    i guess i'm just as disappointed as memoirs of a geisha where none of the girls are japanese.
    and now this, the leading casts are american, not french.

    BUT on the other hand, i'm soo excited to see the dress as featured on Vogue spetember.

    any opinion about this movie?
  2. I haven't seen doesn't come out until October, I think. I'm actually really looking forward to this movie. I think a quirky (but hopefully not too quirky to the point of being distracting) movie about Marie Antoinette will be more enjoyable and full of surprises than a straightforward historical epic.
  3. i saw it the day after it came out. i was kind of disappointed... i expected alot more from sofia coppola, plus there was just so much buzz, so expectations were high. the one thing that killed it was the DIALOGUE! i felt like they stuck some french phrases in babelfish to make it at some points. what i did like about it, however, was that it was kind of interesting... having a more personal and relatable perspective on marie antoinette. the costumes and scenery were absolutely AMAZING. although i'm usually not a kirsten dunst fan, i thought she did an alright job... i think she brought out what sofia wanted in the character. i think that americans are going to be looking for a more unique spin on the story, but i think the reason for the french criticism of the film was that the story was spun too MUCH. i think they felt like it was way too modernised and americanised and veered too far from the historical aspect of it. it'll be interesting to see how it's received in america :smile:
  4. I really want to see it. All of the pictures I've seen are so beautiful and decadent. I love Sofia's movies-the colors in her movies are always so perfect (LOL, does that make sense?).

    I may have to see it by myself. I dragged my friends to see "Virgin Suicides" and they voted that that was the last movie I was ever allowed to pick for the group.:crybaby:
  5. ha ha ha... i don't really like virgin suicides too, i love the tones of the colour & the opening title. but i think the plot is too exagerating which i found on her movies.

    i prefer roman coppola's movie than sofia's
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing it, mainly because of the spread in Vogue. If none of my friends want to come with me to see it, I'll probably rent it when it comes out.
  7. I totally want to see it and see how the movie portrays her life. I studied it so much in my women's history class. She is an AMAZING woman who was so strong during times where men were so dominant.
  8. I cannot wait to see it. I love period movies.
  9. Marie Antoinette was very misunderstood. In fact, she never said "Let them eat cake"! I am not expecting the movie to be terribly accurate, but I am looking forward to the costumes and scenery.
  10. I'm Looking Forward To Seeing This!!!
  11. The whole Diamond Necklace Affair was just another excuse for the French people to hate her.
  12. Despite the historical inaccuracies, I really enjoyed the film! I absolutely loved the costumes and the scenery! Marie Antoinette was quite the fashion plate of her time! Kirsten Dunst did a great job and looked amazing in the costumes. Rose Byrne as the Duchesse de Polignac was wonderful too! I also adored all of the dogs, especially Mops.

  13. I can'twait to see the movie. I like Kirsten Dunst!
  14. I want to see it,too.:yes:
  15. Oh no I could have been your film buddie, since the virgin suicides is 1 of my all time favorites......saw it 2 times at the cinema, and bought the DVD to watch it again and again.......