Marie Antoinette-- anyone like the movie?

  1. Because I LOVED it. I don't know why. The costumes, the music, the plot. I don't care if critics panned it. I thought it was incredible! I just bought it.
  2. Loved the movie as well! I have this on DVD. I thought it was so funny that she kept trying to get him to sleep with her and he just WOULD NOT do it! LOL. Even my hubby was rolling his eyes when watching it. I thought all the extravagance was awesome! The shoes, the dresses, the makeup, the hair, the food, the parties! I only wish I could live like that! Well...errr...aside from the head getting chopped off thing......

    Question though..what happened to that one baby she had? What did he die from?
  3. I wanted to love it as I adore period pieces, but something just did not resonate with me. There was something missing and it bothered me throughout the film. I agree the costumes were AMAZING, but overall it did not capture my heart like "Elizabeth" with Cate Blanchett.
  4. I loved it! That's because I didn't watch for the story, good acting, or historical accuracy. I watched for the costumes, cinematography, and amazing scenery. This movie was like watching a painting. Everything was so over the top and beautiful. I also love the music. I have the soundtrack.
  5. RudeGal, she had a daughter named Sophie Beatrix, who is the baby they showed that died; she was a very weak baby who died in infancy. Her first son didn't even live to be ten. She had a lot of health ailments during and after her pregnancies. Her other son went on to rule later, I believe.

    I just downloaded the soundtrack. I love it! I've been remodeling my spare bedroom into a princess room, and I'd kill to have it like hers! LOL! It's just where I display my clothes, but I'd love to make it more period French; it really inspired me!
  6. Actually after further reading, only Marie Therese, the daughter, survived. Very sad.

  7. Oh gosh..that is sad! :crybaby:
  8. I loved the costumes/scenery, but even that couldn't get me through 2+ hours of slooooow action, no plotline, and barely audible dialogue. My friends and I made my bf watch it with us and he just about KILLED us afterwards. It's still become somewhat of a joke now :smile:
  9. wikipedia has a very extensive history, it's interesting to read!
  10. I actually quite loved this movie when I finally saw it in Canada.
    I missed the early screening in France and had really wanted to watch it in Paris because we had just toured Versaille. I wish the plot was a little more defined but I thought it was a great movie and the excessiveness of it (shoes, cakes, parties, champagne) was really charming. I now own the DVD and have been meaning to watch it for the 2nd time.
  11. It was entertaining, but loosely based on someone's interpretation of the facts......
  12. I loved it so much that I bought it on DVD. Kirstin Dunst is luminous! The only objection I had to it was the portrayal of du Barry as a spiteful. low-class whore. I've read several biographies of du Barry and Louis XIV and I don't find it to be accurate. Also it is highly doubtful that MA had an affair with Axel Fersen.
  13. Yeah, I mean, I know du Barry was a harlot but I also don't think she sat around burping at tables and such.
  14. I love this movie! yup it's over the top and its awesome!