Mariah's Video


Oops ... sorry about that. Here's the picture.
As my first post .... maybe I should just try to blend in with everyone. But, I just love Mariah! Atleast she tries. Atleast she isn't walking around barefoot & braless, eating cheetos and stepping on needles in gas station bathrooms - like one pop star.

Give me curvy Mariah and LV bags anytime. I'd love to crawl around on those bags half naked!
The trunks, oh the trunks. I would have them all over my house. Side table, lamp table, laundry basket, coffee table. small foot stool, stepping stool, storage for all my lv bags.....etc...etc.....etc.....Maria has a hot body, but she is not my fav.
I realised there are only asians on the background..
Is LV very popular with asian? I heard that LV's #1 customers are Japanese. I saw such a long line in front of LV paris France store (mostly asian) that my husband kidded that its the "japan embassy" :biggrin:
I love Mariah! And I think it's good that she doesn't care what other people say. If she wants to wear something, she'll wear it. And she has a fit body...she might be a bit on the chubby side sometimes, but she's always toned. At least she's not starving herself like some other celebrities. And she's proud of her body. On top of that, she has a gorgeous voice!!

I actually can't wait to see the video. It's so unbelievable that LV closed down for her. Wow...