Mariah's Purses/Accessories/Etc!


Dec 24, 2005
i thought since i had time i'd post my collection! no big names (mostly coach and kate spade) but it's what i have for now and i love everything!

p.s. i pretty much fail at taking pictures!

i suppose i'll start with coach...and some history haha

1. scribble small tote and hamptons mini tote
i convinced my mom i needed the scribble tote for school (although it just fits a notebook and folder...but i had to pay 1/2 :suspiciou . i still love it though! i got a tear on the bottom the first time i used it but they exchanged it at the coach store. it's my newest addition to my coach family! (they still had it on the website until like a month ago surprisingly). haha oops that was long...anyways i got the mini tote at the outlet this summer

2. soho twill tote, soho twill small tote, soho twill striped wristlet
the totes were both acquired at an outlet this summer and i bought the wristlet over spring break using a gift card this guy gave me for christmas 2004

3. optic c clip hobo and wedge wristlet
i got the hobo as my reward for straight a's all year 8th grade and my mom found the wristlet at off saks black friday 04 for only like $25 :amuse:

4. scarf print convertible flap, madison satin top handle, madison satin wristlet
well in december i decided that i just needed the scarf print and made my sister drive me to the mall. i got the last one in the store! the top handle i got for christmas 2004 from my parents who also gave me the wristlet for valentine's day (maybe it was easter) in 2005

5. random accessories! pink fringe muffler, 2 polka dot ponytail scarves, purple neckerchief (the colors match my scarf print), cell phone case, cashmere lined gloves
i got the muffler, pink ponytail scarf, purple scarf, and gloves at an outlet on black friday. the blue ponytail scarf was a christmas present 2004 and the cell phone case was a random purchase at an outlet i think 2002


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here's the rest of my coach stuff :amuse:

1. optic signature demi, black buckle demi, red wool signature demi, red wool crusher
the red wool demi was my first designer purse and i got it for my 11th birthday and the matching hat for christmas the same year. the black demi was for my 14th bday and i'm actually not sure when i got the optic one...oops!

2. studded flap satchel and green suede satchel.
the green one was for my 15th birthday and the other one i got for christmas this year

3. white makeup pouch, hamptons makeup case, and a bunch of wristlets.
the makeup cases and green wristlet are from the outlet. the white one i got christmas of 04 and i bought the rest myself.

4. random keyfobs and a coin purse.
the two on the left were stocking stuffers for xmas 04 and the others i got this christmas

that's it for coach!

thanks everyone so far. and yes, i do like color :amuse:


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i also really like kate spade! as does my mom. i think it's because kate spade does a lot of green things which is my favorite color as is my mom's haha

1. green nylon messenger and cranberry basket
the messenger was a 03 christmas present (i fell in love with it and the color once when we went to new york). it's good for school. the basket was an xmas present 04

2. white puffy nylon paulette, black corduroy roll, tangiers opus.
the white and the black were a the-day-after-christmas sale purchase. i got the opus when i was going through a giraffe phase (haha) and i believe it was a 13th bday present

3. pink dot noel mini paulette, green dot noel pia and stacy (coin purse), key chain, red katy wallet, andy's blank book.
the pink one was onsale at nm so my mom randomly bought it for me. the green pia was a 13th bday present and the stacy was a christmas present the same year. the wallet and book were a sample sale buy and we got the key chain in new york.


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