Mariah Wedges Tdf

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. those are swanky!
  3. :love:ohh really pretty
  4. I love those!
  5. they look like they dont fit. but they are kinda nice.
  6. they def look too big on her and i'm not a fan of that hour glass shaped heel... i don't think i'd feel very balanced!
  7. They are cute...I just hate how she dresses....its kind of sluty to me.
  8. Love her legs...great shoes
  9. umm, i think the shoes are too tight for her.
  10. Yes her toes are hanging over the front. But they are cute.
  11. very nice
  12. Ooh. I have shoes like that. They are suede. They are by "ballistic" if you are interested (not the designer that mariah is probably wearing). I got them from DSW for about $45. They look expensive!! Go to DSW if you want them. I can post you a picture if you are interested. PM me.
  13. not my style, but her legs look great here, lol
  14. wish I could wear those wedges-heck, I'd be happy to have her legs and wear keds!
  15. They do look like one more thing Mariah is falling out of (LOL), but they are cute!
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