Mariah Carey's Shoe Closet !!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. [​IMG]
  2. :girlsigh:
  3. Wow! :nuts:
  4. :amazed:....and this is probably only a 1/4 of her shoes!....good llaawwdd!
  5. She has enough shoes to wear for the next 3 years without having to repeat a pair.:wtf:
  6. Quite pretty and she has nice lighting too!

    She was on Cribs and you really got a great look at her closet (s)
  7. bigeyes.gif
  8. now that is what you call a shoe closet...someday if I'm lucky mine will be half as good
  9. Wow
  10. :wtf: :nuts:
  11. I remember when they did MTV Cribs at her house... :girlsigh:
  12. Amaaaaaazing!!!!:wtf:
  13. sigh... love the closet... if only she would dress more her age....
  14. Yeah, me too. And she got on the elliptical in her stilettos :nuts:
  15. I wonder if she has a bag closet too? Now THAT'S something I would like to see!! :nuts:
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