Mariah Carey's New Video

  1. It was taped inside Champs-Elysees and at Rodeo Drive. If you watch carefully you will see Vouge's André Leon Talley, Pay attention to all her clothes and accessories it's ALL LV, Snoops sunglasses are LV, and I believe Pharrels are too!
  2. Good grief! Does that hoochie own just ONE pair of pants......throw me a bone here!
  3. I love this video :love:
  4. I never really had a problem with Mariah but i'm sorry this is like one long ass LV ad.
    C'mon. There is nothing the public can associate with, so much for her shrugging the "diva" and "woman with extreme" demands name off. I mean sure I love the stuff in the video, I'm a major LV fan but...c'mon!