Mariah Carey's Closet

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  1. I love when Vin said he called a few times 'in college'- then Anderson Cooper came pretending to do research...:lol:
  2. That building where Mariah Carey resides used to be an office building. My mom worked there for years back in the 70s/80s. They converted it into a very posh apartment building. Mariah has the top two floors. Just a little tidbit I thought you guys might find interesting. :amuse:
  3. Omg... SAME HERE! I thought I'll never get out of this thread alive. :lol:
  4. wow, her closet is amazing. Everything is sooo neat haha.I wuv her.
  5. I love her comeback after her 'breakdown' good for her and man..her shoe collection rocks!!!
  6. classic!
  7. :lol: That video was hilarious!
  8. I actually prefer her on the radio because than I don't have to see her and can imagine a classy person matching this beautiful voice.
  9. Thanks for the linK and :nuts: WHOA!

    Her closest looks like one of those boutique stores.
    Ahh the life of the super rich and famous!