Mariah Carey's Closet

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  1. For all of you West Coasters out there, check out the Barbara Walter's Special . . . she's featuring Mariah Carey's closet!! I saw previews and the closet looks fabulous!!
  2. Everything in Mariah's closet is 2 sizes too small.
  3. lol!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: true
  4. I've seen her closet when she was on MTV's cribs. Her shoe room is to die for....
  5. Gosh, you are so right. Being the only pop star capable of hitting a high A note does not give you the right to squeeze yourself into hussy-dresses.
  6. Ha, ha, yeah. She wears her clothes a wee bit too tight! I heard that she has assistants remove the size labels on her clothes and replace them with smaller sizes. What do you think . . . too far fetched to be true? Although I'm not a big fan of her music, I have to admit that she has an amazing voice. Finally, a real singer whose fame is well deserved!

  7. her whole closet is. it's amazing how much stuff she has. :love:
  8. I've heard that too !! I think it could be real.

    And her closet in MTV cribs was definitely impressive, but I was not impressed by the wide selection of Hello Kitty shirts. I mean, it's not that they're not cute and the such, but she just seems like she's at an age where she should be dressing in something more appropriate. And that fits.

    I love Mariah's music though ! I don't care what everyone else says, her voice is fab !
  9. i saw the cribs episode with her...her house is amazing! and i like her music too...but i must say i'm a little bitter when it comes to her. a lot of times, when someone finds out my name is mariah they always say "carey?" ughhh. also, i was born before she became big and have nothing to do with her. although, i wish i had her closet!
  10. oo I want to see :nuts:
  11. I've fallen back in love with Mariah this past year...not with her new album though, but her oldies. Her voice is amazing.

    I saw part of that cribs episode too. It's really weird how she can act so diva-ish but on paper, she seems so laid-back and cool. And yes, she needs better-fitting clothes. Though she does say in Vogue that her weight shifts rapidly.
  12. omg....... life is not fair..
  13. Her closet -- dressing room -- is fabulous. There used to be a show on HGTV that featured high-end closets. I really miss that show. It has great tips on organizing closets.
  14. LVgurl.. I spend my whole time in this thread looking at this: