Mariah Carey

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Gorgeous! She actually looks really good in these photos!
    OMG and the trunks! They are TDF, I love to own just one trunk never mind a dozen lol!
    I love this video, she is head to toe in LV all the way through it, and its also got Andre Leon Talle (Editor at Large, Vogue Magazine) in it aswell, You see him when she is walking throught the LV boutique in the trench!
    Thanks for posting pics!
  3. Love those trunks..
    she seems in pretty good shape ..
  4. oh she is adorable!
  5. love the trunks... mariah no no
  6. She looks good!!!
  7. I think its a tad tacky when stars are too LV'd out. Take Lil' Kim for example....its just not classy anymore.
  8. wow. i want some LV luggage too.
  9. hmm are those perfo scarves???
  10. Yup. Her and Pharrell wore LV throughout the video.

    And those are LV scarves she's wearing.
  11. I told BF that those were scarves and he was :wtf:. He thought those were bandeau tops.
  12. woo suck it in Mariah! I so admire her talent but think she tries too hard to be young and sexy. I wish she would just "be". She is gorgeous enough.
  13. Love the luggage! Didn't she shoot her last video at the Paris this for the same video (the Paris thing was a couple months ago)?
  14. Yeah Twiggers it's for the same video that's been out a while now. (Say Something)
  15. OMG, only if i could roll around in those trunks...:upsidedown:
    Mariah looks great in these pix.