Mariah Carey Walking Her Dog Jack IN 5 inch Heels!!

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. oh my... if she took my dog for a walk, she'll sure fall flat in her face.
  3. Yes, I always dress like that when I walk Daisy Duke the pug in NYC. Especially if I take her to the dog run. Geeeez
  4. God, I hate her. Everything she does looks so posed. Can't she walk her freakin' dog without it turning into a photo shoot!?

    Plus, she always looks like an overstuffed sausage in those stupid too tight clothes she wears. Makes me crave some saukraut and a beer.
  5. no wonder the paparazzi never come and take my pic when i'm walking my dog. I never have on the right outfit & shoes.:supacool:
  6. She looks ridiculous!! lol
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. Love Her! but,where is the pooper scooper??:shrugs:
  9. OMG!!!! You are absolutely right! Arrest that woman!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

  10. The guy standing to her right !!!! :supacool:
  11. LOL Prada! She says she only owns & wears high heels so of course she'll be walking her dog in them unless she goes barefoot..which she'll never do in public! She actually doesn't look that bad in this picture I think it the dress's stripes that make her look alittle slimmer.
  12. LMAO.....I think she tried to be funny..
  13. she wears them well!
  14. She fits the dictionary's description of a DIVA!

    diva |?d?v?| • a female singer who has enjoyed great popular success : a chance to create a full-blown pop diva. • an admired, glamorous, or distinguished woman : the former director of the association is still a downtown diva. • a haughty, spoiled woman : she's such a diva that she won't enter a restaurant until they change the pictures on the walls to her liking. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: via Italian from Latin, literally ‘goddess.’
  15. LOLOLOLOL! I'd trip if it was me!