Mariah Carey vs. Christina Aguilera

  1. Mariah by far. Christina has nothing on her, and is already backpeddling.
  2. lol From the looks of it - Mariah. She was so sneaky with her comment!
  3. Oh yeah...Mariah all the way.
  4. I don't know...Christina Aguilera looks like a real *itch sometimes and I find her She said it herself...she never wanted to be a sweetheart. Mariah, on the other hand, is always sweet (spoiled but sweet). So, I think Christina will win. Plus, making a comment about Mariah being drunk and medicated?...that's a little too mean...:mad:
  5. What are you doing Mariah "I'm home gazing at myself in the mirror" lol!!! I LOVE MARIAH! she keeps it real. There is none other as fierce as Mariah!! She can hit the note tear it up and bounce like its only her Business. luv Mariah. Christina's mad cute but Mariah is where its at!
  6. Definitely. I think Christina is a mega-b*tch also! And she just looks skanky. I do also think that Mariah wears very revealing clothes, but not anywhere near Christina's. I think Mariah's sweet, but I think she can also give it when angered. That comment by Christina was so out-of-nowhere imo.
  7. I have to give it Mariah...she's sometime not all there but she tries to keep it real. Sometime she's pretty funny in her own way.

    "It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers."

    Very interesting point she has..
  8. Thats true. Her bringing up Mariahs "breakdown" was low. Thats very disrespectful trying to use someones difficult times against them.
  9. This is ridiculous...goes to show the same silly things happen in the lives of the rich and famous.
  10. Mariah..she is a 40 year old woman who acts like she is 25 dresses like she is 18...she needs to wear clothing that fits her.. She thinks she is the best thing ever. She has a huge ego.
  11. This one is a tough call. I think Mariah's a bit more wise after so many years in the business so Christina needs to watch out! LOL
  12. On a side note, Cher looks like a man standing next to Christina.
  13. Side Note:

    DOES ANYONE know what brand these Sunglassses are. I've been dying to know.

  14. This is a tough one since Cristina looks pretty scrappy, in the end though Mariah wins the cage match!!!!