Mariah Carey @ The Make A Wish Foundation Awards !

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    Mariah Carey attended an awards show honoring supporters of the Make A Wish Foundation in Los Angeles.
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  2. She looks healthy and happy!
  3. I like her but I don't really like the way she dresses
  4. She looks orange.

    When will celebs figure out self-tanner is not natural looking?? (Lindsay, Paris, Eva, Jessica....)
  5. shes beautifal.
  6. Love her voice but wish she had some fashion sense. Ick on the outfit.
  7. I'm not sure about that dress:huh: :blah:
  8. I love Mariah - but she is in desperate need of a stylist. Or a mirror. Or a good friend.
  9. i'm just glad that she's supporting that foundation.

    it's truly a wonderful one - i'd highly recommend anyone to volunteer or donate b/c they make dreams a reality for kids with cancer.
  10. Never like her clothes :/
    she wears the smallest shortest things :S..
    she needs to switch to elegant and she'll look SOOOO much better :sad: she REALLY needs a good stylist ..
  11. i haven't been too fond of her lately she's such a diva, i miss the old mariah back in the 90's.
  12. She is so pretty, she doesn't need to wear Barbie Clothes though! I thought she had a real famous stylist? It looks like she is still doing the "Ho" thing...
  13. Love her despite her "issues". But she does like to show way too much skin when she dresses. I'm quite sure it has to do with her "issues". Know what I mean?
  14. I love the Van Cleef and Arples layered necklaces!
  15. Ditto; the Alhambra collection is one of my favorite jewelry lines ever and looks great on her. Sadly, though I love Mariah, I have nothing nice to say about the rest of her ensemble.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.