Mariah Carey MV with LV background

  2. Yay !! Thanks ! I've been waiting for this video to come out since the stills of her in the Vuitton store were online !

    It's the video for Say Something, as well for those that haven't looked at the link ! :biggrin:

    Edit: ok, MC kind of needs to wear pants sometimes. As far as I'm concerned, the real star of this video is Pharell, he is hot !!
  3. I wanted to see more of the trunks but the stills will do!
  4. OMG...I'm SOOOO excited!!! I just watched it...I wished they showed more LV ...hehhe
  5. Good video! I kept getting distracted from all the LV by her (again) being practically naked. I was like, "Oooohh, nice Vuitton...oh, put on some clothes Mariah!.....nice shoes!....Why doesn't she ever have on any clothes?!...ooooh, Paris..soooo pretty....someone cover that girl up"!

    I don't get her at all. I do love her - I just don't get her. Why oh why is she always naked?!?! She's way too talented for that!
  6. whoever told you less was more, Mariah, they didn't mean clothes.
  7. can someone post the stills here...I couldnt access the link that was posted for some reason...

    grr. why am I always the one having technical difficulties?
  8. Me either TC. V
  9. 46.jpg
  10. I want to go to Paris right now. LOL. Mariah has such an amazing voice as well. I was just listening to "Say Something" a little while ago.
  11. This making me want more LV and to go to Paris. ;)
  12. Ooh! I did like that one Vogue editor's cameo- I forgot his name, but he's a big guy who was on Oprah a while back talking about his weight loss.
  13. Mariah has an amazing voice. I love this video!
  14. just an FYI, they shot part of the video in Rodeo LV also.
  15. Mariah's voice and those bags -- how can you go wrong? A match made in heaven.