Mariah Carey - feeding her puppy - Jan 4

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  3. What a cute doggie!

    Off topic - but why does she always have "toe hang" :yucky:- she can afford good shoes
  4. I think she's just in denial about what size she is in clothes and shoes. She rarely wears anything that looks like it fits. Her shoes here look too small.
  5. She's also in denial about what looks good on her! She dresses like she's 10+ years younger than she really is.
  6. Cute dog!! And... that's about it.

    Honestly, it could be just me but I wouldn't pair that skirt with that tank. It just doesn't do anything for her body type. She just doesn't know what clothes to choose that compliment her body type.
  7. The Puppy Is Precious...L@@k At The Collar:nuts:

    I Think Mariah Looks Amazing For Her Age:yes:
  8. The collar looks a bit heavy for that cutie! I have a JRT or PRT depending on who you ask. She is just over the top and I don't get it. She needs a better stylist she could look so nice.
  9. I think she has an amazing body and looks great for her age too. But, the outfits she wears are odd. They are more appropriate for a young 20 something.
  10. .:yes::yes:

    I totally agree with you.
    For someone with a big wallet who has many choices - her choices in clothes and shoes seem tacky to me and distract from her beauty.
  11. She looks great and her puppy is adorable!
  12. She is gorgeous! Her makeup and hair look great and her dog is tooooo cute! Love the dog collar!

    True, her outfit choices are sometimes questionable, however as long as she doesn't have camel toe or muffin top I say let her be!:supacool:
  13. the dog collar is amazing!
  14. ITA...I believe she will be 38 this year??
  15. She looks wonderful! I don't see anything wrong with what she's wearing. She's 38 - not 88. Geesh.....