Mariah Carey at restaurant AGO in Hollywood, October 15

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  3. She looks good, although I hate those shoes.
  4. gross..
    She has "toe hang"on those shoes. yuck!
  5. I agree. The shoes are NOT pretty...
  6. Looks like she cannot even walk in those :blink:
  7. I had a nice laugh when I got to her feet.
  8. I love her so much...
  9. Wow, those are some ugly shoes!:tdown:
  10. I don't get that "sunglasses at night" thing. LOL
  11. Love the jeans, HATE the shoes, i don't get the sunglasses at night thing either.
  12. Love the Jeans too!! i wish i knew the brand
  13. Looks so uncomfortable!
  14. Seriously what is going on with her toes in those shoes? Her big toe looks like its completely out of the shoe, very unflattering.
  15. She looks great...except of course for the shoes. No likey one bit.