Mariah à Paris

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  4. Woa hot pants! lol

    I love her. =)
  5. I think she looks pretty good. I don't know about the shoes though.
  6. I love the fact that she lives her life and she is who she is.
  7. IMO..I think she would look so much better with just a little less makeup.
  8. Her boobs are about to explode!!! And the leggings... i think she would look better with jeans.
  9. Those are LV shoes I think, love them. She is ok - the one good thing is she is covered up LOL
  10. i love mariah...she's such a diva...i love her closet even more!
  11. Nice sunnies...............but her feet are wider than the shoe, her toes are comming off, that looks really bad!!!
  12. Agree! I would like to get a close up of the shoes!
  13. She looks alright.. nothing new since she's ALWAYS wearing something 2 sizes too small.
  14. What's up with her? Why can't she find clothes in right size?!
  15. I don't think her clothes here are too small. Her top fits fine- if it was bigger it wouldn't look right. And leggings are supposed to body-hugging.