Mariage Freres tea recs?

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  1. I was just thinking of buying some MF teas, and saw they have some smaller amounts offered as an option on The Cultured Cup website -- does anyone like MF teas and can give me some recs? I mainly like black tea in general. I was thinking of definitely getting Marco Polo to try, but any other ideas would be great : )

    I actually went to an MF store while in Paris last time but don't remember what tea I had while there -- I know, I know! I can't believe I didn't mark it down or remember it. It was good though!

    The only teas I really don't go for are greens and very heavily floral ones.
  2. I love Mariage Frères!
    My favourite is the Earl Grey French blue and Earl Grey Provence. I also really like Russia, Thé des Tzars.
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  3. Cool! I was thinking of trying their 'Tibet The des prieres', Apricot tea, Castleton [might be too foody etc for me though] and their orange pekoe black tea, but aren't sure about it.
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    I have tried several.. Right now I am trying out Casablanca moroccan mint & bergamont) which I like
    (The Casablanca comes in black glass & love the label )
    I stack the various teas on my cookbooks in the kitchen
  5. Hands down my favorite is the Casablanca—love that mint! It’s good cold, as well.
  6. Marco Polo, Black Orchid and Pleine Lune! :heart::heart::heart:
  7. Thank you to all, I have gotten tons of samples of MF teas to try based on all your recs : )
  8. I'm too late, but for next time - Rouge Provence is my favorite!