Mariage Freres tea recs?

  1. I was just thinking of buying some MF teas, and saw they have some smaller amounts offered as an option on The Cultured Cup website -- does anyone like MF teas and can give me some recs? I mainly like black tea in general. I was thinking of definitely getting Marco Polo to try, but any other ideas would be great : )

    I actually went to an MF store while in Paris last time but don't remember what tea I had while there -- I know, I know! I can't believe I didn't mark it down or remember it. It was good though!

    The only teas I really don't go for are greens and very heavily floral ones.
  2. I love Mariage Frères!
    My favourite is the Earl Grey French blue and Earl Grey Provence. I also really like Russia, Thé des Tzars.
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  3. Cool! I was thinking of trying their 'Tibet The des prieres', Apricot tea, Castleton [might be too foody etc for me though] and their orange pekoe black tea, but aren't sure about it.
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    I have tried several.. Right now I am trying out Casablanca moroccan mint & bergamont) which I like
    (The Casablanca comes in black glass & love the label )
    I stack the various teas on my cookbooks in the kitchen
  5. Hands down my favorite is the Casablanca—love that mint! It’s good cold, as well.