Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli does a good job, no?


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May 12, 2009
DDB Far East
Some purist complained that the duo started covering the girls and dressing them almost like a nun, very unlike the old Valentino which is alot of sex but I think they brought the brand to another level.

No one should compare today to the 80-90s when everything was much more vulgar. I mean look at Versace back then. Versace is still very much about sex but how successful are they? The new generation prefers things that are more thoughtful/less is more and the essence of brand has never change - still romance/romantic. Romance can be full blown red hot passion or can be subtle and pretty feeling.

I am really loving this phase of Valentino and it's a good thing that I am not a girl else I will burn my bank just to get a lasercut red dress. Even the menswear is a little quirky here and there.

But hey I can still and will be getting the Rockstud. In red. Obviously.



Jun 4, 2006
As much as I love Valentino's shoes these days, I despise their clothing.
I usually dress quite conservative with clean lines, and when I do dress up I like very tailored intricate cuts but that must look overall "simple" (think Roland Mouret, Victoria Beckham, Rick Owens). So I hate lace and frills which seem to be a huge deal with Valentino. I don't mind florals, but the cut has to be simple and clean looking. Also, I'm not too fond of embroidery... There's just too much jazz for me.
I do understand the overall message that you're saying and I agree - less is definitely more :yes:


Mar 28, 2010
I like many things about the new duo's items, but I too love collecting from the era when Valentino was in charge. I agree the shoes are better now. I like the rockstud handbag line, but I love the older bags. I actually am a fan of embellishment-I love the flower bags. I have 8 Fleurs and another on the way!


Jun 20, 2011
i think the brand has always been about romance and creating beautiful clothes, and the duo have continued but found their own identity, there's something very sexual about covering up a woman's body, (i can't help but think of memoirs of a geisha), i feel they took the DNA of the brand and reinterpreted it in a way that obviously appeals to the brands modern clientèle.