Marguerita recipies please

  1. can anyone suggest a great no frozen Marguerita recipe? I want to work with Patron silver, Couintreau, or Gran Marnier
  2. sure :smile:

    Using patron I'd do it straight up so that it doesn't get unnecessarily diluted by the ice :smile:

    In a martini shaker add ice and:
    2 oz of Patron silver
    .5 oz of Grand Marnier (or cointreau)
    1 oz of GOOD sour mix
    squeeze in juice of 2 lime wedges


    Strain into a chilled martini glass lined with kosher salt.
    Garnish with a lime wheel or wedge.

    YUM. Enjoy :smile:
  3. can you recommend a good brand mix. Can pure lime juice be a substitute? or will it be too tart?
  4. I don't have a recipe, because my Dad makes them, but white peach margaritas (and white peach daiquiri's) are AMAZING
  5. OK, here's one worth checking out! :tup:
    This from the book "It's just a Dinner Party" by Ron and Julie Malloy.

    You don't even need a blender for these!

    3/4 can Limeade
    4 shots Tequila
    2 shots Triple sec
    Juice of 1 lime
    couple swigs beer to cut the 'tart'
    crushed ice

    Mix everything together except the salt and crushed ice. Salt the rim of each glass if preferred and pour mixture over the crushed ice. Serve to great friends and enjoy! :yahoo:
  6. Pure lime juice is the best for margs. If its too tart for you sweeten it up with the cointreau or simple syrup.
    The best recipe for margs (IMO) is simple
    tequila ( the best you can afford)
    fresh squeezed lime juice
    Shake tequila, ice and lime juice (simple syrup if the limes are tart)
    Puor into glass, top with cointreau
    Enjoy :tup: