margot? what season?

  1. I believe it's Resort 2007 - the satchel style is already posted in the Resort 2007 thread in stone(a resort 2007 color).

    This style is much cuter than the tall satchel!!
  2. i know!! that's why i started looking around for seems like a more manageable size than the margot satchel style...:p

    so i was looking around to see what other sites have it, what other colors it comes in, etc...just doing my due diligence. :yes:
  3. I just bought a brown one @ bloomingdales of sherman oaks. $1275 - 20% coupon that my friend gave me. Please let me know if it comes in other colors besides black and brown.
  4. Congrats! Would love to see your pics!

    I know this comes in Milk, Truffle, Black, and Olive.. not sure if it's available in Yellow or Stone....
  5. I just saw this bag IRL at the MJ Boutique store in S.F. --- Per SA Tiffany this style is new with Resort 07.

    I only saw the Margot in Truffle, but the Olive quilted color is FAB!!

    The BEST part about this bag (which can't see from NM pics) is that the shoulder strap is leather (flat, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inch wide) with just a tiny bit of chain where connecting to bag. Inside is linen, feet on the bottom, GREAT piping details on the corner pieces. Fantastic daily bag.

    The pic on NM looks same but different -- Tiffany in S.F. is extremely helpful and would give you the exact specs of this line.
  6. oh wow, i'd love to see real pics too! those flat pics on NM and BG don't tell me much. would you mind posting how your bag looks? :smile:

    abbytheBT, thanks for the add'tal info!! you can't see the shoulder strap at all in that pic. oooh, olive?? :graucho: heehee...i've been looking at black bags, but i could easily be swayed. :p heehee...