Margot tattersall flats

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    Was wondering if any of you had them and if you do, how do they fit? I have Laila's in a 7 and they are a bit snug. How does the velcro hold up on the strap?

    AND where did they go?? I see they aren't on anymore. Were they a department store only item? And if so, has anyone seen them lately, perhaps on sale, in NJ or eastern PA?

    This week I decided I want a pair to go with my new tattersall tote. hehe.

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I've tried them on before and they pinched the sides of my feet, but maybe that's just me.

    They're SO cute though, I really wish they did fit me perfectly. They still have a couple pairs at my Lord & Taylor and they weren't a department exclusive since they were on
  3. I got mine on sale in Lord & Taylors a while back, not sure if they still have them though. It was the one in Rockaway, NJ. They pinch my feet, I still wear them but they can be a bit bothersome, I also couldn't go up a size because I'm a 10 so I don't know if that would help at all. They are very cute though, I'm so careful about wearing them, if the weather even looks the slightest bit off I won't wear them out lol.
  4. Your not the only one! They also pinched the sides of my feet. :tdown: I wish they were a lil wider, they are so cute:tup:
  5. I wish they were on sale at my Lord & Taylor too... actually I should go check it out tomorrow :P If they were discounted enough, I think I could bear the pinching. They are SOOO cute!
  6. ARG!! That means they tend to run narrower. What a bummer! Darn my wide arch! Have to check out Lord and Taylor some time this week.

  7. None of my coach shoes go out in the slightest big of incliment weather. ;P It's safer that way.

    I'll be making a few calls tomorrow, :jammin:

  8. I finally got them!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I tried on a 7.5 last week and it was tight- and the buckle part was rubbing against my foot and they didnt have a 8. :sad: So yesterday on an off chance, I stopped at a Lord and Taylor and low and behold, they had them in an 8!!!! For $80 which right now, is a lot cheaper than they are going for on ebay.

    Can't wait to wear my tattersall outfit!!