Margaret's (budding) Purse Collection

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  1. nice!
  2. Very nice collection.. I enjoyed reading about your bags and their history.. imo, there's not much sweeter than the joy of purses! :P ....and by the way.. I'm drooling over that magenta woc!!!
  3. that pop top bag is neato and your pink MBMJ does NOT look like a diaper bag, it's way cute actually! I love your collection, esp the fun bags like the blingy one and the license plate, the chanels and that green tory burch, i looove the color of it, great green! thanks for sharing!
  4. I love your collection and the story behind each piece.
  5. GOSH! your pop-tops bag is just aaaamaaaaziiiing!
  6. Great collection :biggrin: Love the colourful ones, and of course the Chanels!
    And you custom made Prada wedges are just beautiful :yahoo:
  7. Wow that last chanel is TDF

    I also love the Marc Jacobs Tote, Tory burch hobo and Treesje bag! Your wedges are amazing and such a steal!
  8. Love your bags and the art on those shoes!! Amazing! :smile:
  9. Love it. You are very talented.
  10. love chanel's and pink marc it
  11. Nice collection- I enjoyed reading the stories behind your bags, and think you are very talented!
  12. I like everything in your collection. I love what you did with the Prada shoes, you're very talented.
  13. great collection, i love your 2 chanels and the bag you painted it looks great.
  14. I really really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading the stories behind them. And OMG you are SUCH a talented artist!!!! I love your bags! Esp the Chanel magenta WOC!!!! Where and when did you acquire that beauty???

  15. The painted Pradas are AMAZING ! You did a fantastic job, I wouldn't have known they were a DYI project unless you told me ! ;)