Margaret's (budding) Purse Collection

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  1. Well, here is the little Coach purse that started it all. My sister, a long time purse, shoe, and jewelry aficionado, gave it to me for Christmas one year. My first designer purse meant to replace the mini Jansport backpacks that I used to do the job. I was a little slow on the uptake, but I think I am starting to roll now... [​IMG]
  2. This is the only other Coach purse I have. I bought it on sale at Macy's. I love the size and the color and all of the compartments!!! [​IMG]
  3. This may or may not be considered a designer bag, I thought it was when I bought it! It is from Brighton and I love the shape and strap. Plus it has a dangly purse charm that is permanently attached and I dangled before I saw anyone else dangling...:smile:[​IMG]
  4. Okay, well I am an artist and I paint mostly in watercolors. However, I do like to try new things and this was one of them. Way back in 1991 I entered a contest at the local art supply store and won first place and $150 :yahoo:. It was really cool- I had to make something using only things I had purchased from this store and other than that it was completely open. There were categories so I steered clear of the popular stuff (like picture painting) and created this hand-painted duffle purse. I carried it around frequently and received many compliments. [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Okay, just because I brought up painting I may as well include these shoes I painted. I bought a pair of PRADA platforms at DSW a couple of years ago for about $15 (reduced repeatedly from $495). The size was okay, but the color made my feet look like they should be adorned with a toe tag. The leather was a fabulous italian nappa and I thought that it might take paint well. I just did it. The results were better than I had hoped for and they really draw attention! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. I had an internet boutique for about a year and among other things, sold Littlearth products. I loved the idea of something useful from refuse. If you aren't familiar with this company, they make those license plate purses you occasionally see. Here is mine custom made from my old license plate:
    I also fell in love with some of their designers creations. I have many more than I will post- they always draw people to me when I carry them- This is my mahogany (real wood veneer) Fender:
    This is my cute little Flower-Power mini-Flair:
    This is a fabulous purse! This is the Fenderette and it is loaded with hexnuts and Swarovski Crystals- it is so heavy! I always have to be careful around walls and cars etc. when I carry these purses- they can put a serious ding in about anything they swing into (even purse thiefs!:graucho:)
  7. I have a really great Goodwill Boutique near my house and I like to dip in there every so often to see if there is anything for me. I have come to think of it as my extra closet. :biggrin: Anyway, I found a really cute vintage hot pink python clutch from Spain that was in perfect condition. It was $2.99.
  8. Last March (2009) I took my daughter to Paris and we went with my sister who goes frequently. This was our first time. :nuts: We had a great trip but hadn't spent any of the money we had saved to shop with. On the last day we had a melt down until the Lancel Boutique came into view. We each picked out a beautiful Lancel purse and threw down all our money (the exchange rate wasn't so great). No regrets! [​IMG]
  9. Here are some of the Lancels I have acquired since my trip: The Red Premier Flirt
    The Brown Premier Flirt
    A vintage small black flap purse
    A very cool bucket tote that is reversible- it is dark brown suede with orange-red accented pockets [​IMG]
    I also have a large Elsa Drawstring Bucket Purse in Periwinkle and a Small Elsa Drawstring Bucket Purse in Fuschia
  10. This should be before the Lancels, but I bought this to take to France so I wouldn't look like a Yank :P [​IMG]
  11. I added these purses because I loved their colors!
    Green Tory Burch Hobo
    Purple Treesje Marley
    Reversible Green Plaid/Royal Blue Tumi Tote
    Hot Pink Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote (my sister says it is a diaper bag :shucks:)
    And this is just plain cool- I saw it in France in a skater store and had to have it- it is made entirely of pop-tops!
  12. I finally stopped dreaming and started getting serious....#1[​IMG]
    And then #2
  13. those chanel purse look absolutly stunning . the fushia one really pops up . its a lovely color
  14. Very eclectic and lovely collection, very vintage feeling. What are the style codes for your WOCs? I've never seen them before.
  15. You have some very unique bags in your collection! i love the pop top bag and the WOC's!