Marelle (Pouch) with MC Black Shirley or Pomme Rosewood?! HELP!!


Which one to pick?

  1. Marelle and MC Black Shirley

  2. Pomme Rosewood

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  1. I’m BACK!! Finally, after almost 3 months of maternity leave, I’m back with my current job and as usual, I’m back with my blogging! Hehe! Why? 8 hours of pure office work is too boring so I need sometime to unwind for a while… For blogging! Anyway, you guys know that I recently purchased my very first Louis Vuitton Monogram… A Hudson! (Can’t remember if it’s a GM or PM?!) Anyway, I’m going to pick-up my next LV monogram later after work… a Batignolles Horizontal!! I’ve been lusting this purse for quite some time already.. Hehe! Happy Belated Birthday to me!

    One more thing, I need your opinion guys… I wanted to get another purse at the end of this month but I can’t decide which one… Which one? A Marelle (the small one!) and a MC Black Shirley or a Pomme Rosewood?! I saw a great deal with the small Marelle here in Hong Kong and I can get it for half of its original price and not to mention it’s in mint condition with the MC Black Shirley. One PFer said that the Shirley is currently discontinued so I’m afraid that if I get it later on, I will be having a hard time getting it… But I also wanted the Pomme Rosewood very much… I’ve been longing to have a red purse for a long time already but I can always get it from eluxury. What do you guys think??? Help! Thanks!

  2. I voted for the Rosewood, but since the MC Shirley is d/c'd, I think you should get that first before it's all sold out.
  3. Pomme Rosewood!! I love the red!!
  4. I know... Actually, all of them are in my wishlist, and if they're going to be put in order which one to buy first, the Pomme Rosewood would come first, then the Marelle and the Shirley. But the thing is, Shirley is already discontinued and I saw a mint condition Marelle selling for half price only... The Pomme Rosewood, I love, love, love to have it, and I can still buy it by elux if I can't find it here in Hong Kong... What do you think? Should I get the Rosewood first or the Marelle and Shirley?? I'm really, really troubled coz' I can't choose between them!! :sad:
  5. get the marelle and the shirley first. do you buy from one of the resellers here in hk? it's good to get good deals no?
  6. shirley!!! but i think id prefer it in white.
  7. ^^Yes, Can't really resist good deals! Hehe!
  8. the bh is a good diaper bag IMO. so it's good that you're getting it.
  9. Marelle and MC Black Shirley gets my vote!
  10. I had the Shirley and sold it. I just could not fit anything into it. I loved the look and the fit on the shoulder but gosh I need to carry at least a few things with me. If you consider the Shirley make sure you try it out and see it in person first so you know what you can get inside the "little beauty."
  11. Is your profile photo of your newborn? Simply precious!
  12. ^ OT: Yes, she just turned two months last monday. :biggrin:
  13. Pomme Rosewood.
  14. yo rics!!!! c0ngrats sa baby :smile: get the shirley nah :smile:
  15. The Shirley gets my vote to purchase first. It can be worn at night for dressier occasions and since it is discontinued, I would buy it before they are all gone.