Marelle MM..anyone?

  1. I love this shoulder bag, but i still did not see one here on tPF..
    does anyone have one? can you model it please?:yes:
  2. I'm not sure if this is it...
    but SANDRA has one
    and I hope she doesn't mind me showing her lovely pics here...

  3. Hi Sarsi!
    nope, that one is the pochette Marelle..i mean the bigger Marelle, that is only shoulder :smile:
  4. Sarsi your pants in the first pic!
  5. Those pants you're admiring belong to PFer yeuxhonnetes. She has exquisite
  6. Aaauughh... Thanks, Bernz... Sorry ppl...:shame:

    Well at least now OP has two to compare with.
  7. thanks for posting the pictures Sarsi :biggrin:!

    the Pochette Marelle can be used as a shoulder bag too, simply by putting the strap under the flap
  8. thank you for all your reply, but the Marelle i'm looking for is this one
    (Marelle MM is only shoulder and bigger than pochette:yes:)

  9. Oooooooooh I just bought one off eBay a while ago, hopefully I'll have it within a week and I'll post pics.....
  10. I LOVE this bag! The straps just really make the bag
  11. ITA, she's so glamourous!

    lv_obsessed, can't wait for your pics!!:love:
  12. ah, i remember trying that one on and i liked both the bigger and the smaller better! that one was too inbetween to serve a purpose for me! i went with the biggest marelle!
  13. everyones bags are sooo gorgeous!