MARDI GRAS 2010...who's going?

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  1. Mardi Gras 2010---50 degrees & Sunny!

    Are you a diehard "Mardi Gras"?
  2. I went to Mardi Gras as a teen and had blast!! A little bit intense but so much fun. I wish I could go this year with the super bowl win and all but I can't work it into my schedule. Anyone who goes will have an amazing time!
  3. So far it's been fun but the weather has been so cold...I've never missed a Mardi Gras yet, & I'm 30 but I think this year maybe the year I miss. They're predicting the highest to be in 50 and that's around 1pm. 30s in the morning.
  4. Unfortunately no - though I will be in New Orleans next month...perhaps next year, it looks like my spring break will fall around that time and I will finally make the trip!
  5. I haven't done Mardi Gras in years...Honestly, I like to watch it on WDSU. I don't want to get up before day in the morning unless it's for work, so I don't know if I'll be out there tomorrow. I caught up to float 16 in Endymion (it was too long and I had caught enough lol) and stayed just to see Drew in Bacchus last night. I really want to see Coach Payton in Orpheus, so maybe I'll take the ferry to Canal and catch it.
  6. I've yet to be able to participate yet, but I hope to be able to some day!
  7. Eh. I got stuck in waaaaay-pre-parade traffic yesterday trying to go to the grocery. Reminded me of why I don't do Mardi Gras anymore.
  8. I wish I could go, I've been wanting to go for a while now. Think it would be fun, hopefully I'll make it down there eventually.
  9. Go to it? I can't get away from it! I live a block from the parade route. ;)

    I tried to take the dog for a walk on Monday afternoon and was told by a police officer that my fur baby couldn't be within 100 yards of the parade route. I was like, "where do you want me to go? the parade doesn't start for 3 hours! My dog is going to maul the company if I don't let him release a little energy!"

    DH and I managed to make it through Monday night, but crashed on Tuesday. We stayed in for sushi and watching Rex and Zulu on WDSU.
  10. ^ Poor dog!
  11. I actually went down to the quarter for Mardi Gras yesterday. I had a great time but I can live without it. I'm jealous of my bf who took his kids skiing. I just really don't like crowds and dealing with getting where you have to go.
  12. Mardi Gras is officially over but we still have two parades left in Jefferson Parish! YAY St. Patty's Parade & Irish/Italian Parade. (hopefully a little warmer for those two)

    Almost didn't go to Mardi Gras Day b/c of the cold weather. It would have stupid if we didn't, we have such an awesome spot and plus my (4) year old loves it and we have no specific time to get to the route. We got there 5 minutes before the parade rolled in front of our stand it was an awesome time, really can't beat partying with family & friends. Hopefully next year will be just as fun considering it's the day before my birthday and should be warmer.
  13. Don't know when you are coming down but you still have St. Patty's Day and Irish/Italian Parades. IDK when New Orleans is doing theirs but here in Jefferson Parish they're going to be on 3/14/10 & 3/21/10. Jefferson is more family orintated then New Orleans not so many tourist (no offense), but if you're the type who wants to have a fun time w/o the craziness, Metairie, LA is a good place & it's only 5 minutes west of New Orleans. Don't get me wrong I love the parades in New Olreans but I have a (4) year old now and IMO I don't think the right place for small children.
  14. I have never been to Mardi Gras but the hubby and I have decided that we will be going sometime within the next couple of years.
  15. ^ You'll love it here! Do visit!