Marc's homage to Prada?

  1. They look a lot alike; is it coincidence or more?


  2. i was just thinking about this the other day!

    i think designers derive inspiration from each other. besides, this isn't the first time his bags have mimicked or resembled other lines' designs. his quilted bags and chain straps are an homage to chanel.
  3. Ooh I like that ! Is that MJ or MBMJ?
  4. ^ it's one of the fall 07 mbmj bags. i bought it bordeaux this past weekend and it's fabulous!
  5. Inspired PRADA bag??!:wtf:
  6. They look very similar to me.
  7. They look very similar.

  8. Love that!!! I just looked that up on the MJ website...Sweet!!..I'm pm'g you w/ questions!!:tup: