Marco Tagliaferri

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    Please help I need this bag!!!
    does anyone know anywhere I can find this?


    Please help :biggrin:
  2. I've been trying to find one myself but it seems that it's totally extinct! I mean if an inspired Birkin could get so much attention from the Olsen twins. So I don't see why people would snob on those who are not carrying the actually H Birkins....
  3. There so difficult to get a hold of.
    Apparently there Italian but I cant find any information or anything arrrh!
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    Please read our rules!!
  5. A few months ago I saw a pic of one of the Olsen Twins carying this awesome super-comfy looking slouchy bag with a shoulder strap. Totally loved it! I researched and found out it is made by Marco Tagliaferri. Well, long story short, I cannot find anyplace online to buy this bag. I checked eBay and there is one person selling one for $2000.00. Hate the color so it's not an option. Does anyone know any online retailers or consignment shops online or in the NYC area who sell this? I think it is from a few seasons ago but if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! I wont be going back to Italy for a year so if you know of an establishment over there that carries there stuff i would love to contact themvia email of phone. Any help is appreciated! :biggrin:
  6. :sad:
  7. what photos?
  8. HGBAGS is preordering them! i just received the email this morning!
  9. check it out
  10. ladies
    check my new baby :smile:
  11. Does anyone own a MT? What can you tell us about it?
    Before HGBags email, I had never heard of or seen this bag/designer. I'm still not a 100% sure about pre-ordering it- it just seems like it's a Hermes knock-off...what do you ladies think? Any more info would be very helpful!!! Thanks!
  12. DarkS, is that an MT?
  13. I’ve read good things about the leather (though I can’t remember where…). Does look very similar to Hermes, but slouchier.

    I was thinking I’d order the large anthracite with silver hw from HG bags, but I’m still debating. It is pricey for something I don’t know too much about.
  14. DarkS, thanks for the link! Love discovering new shopping sites, bad for my bank balance though! Haha!