marco tagliaferri - where can I get one?

  1. Hello everyone~
    Despite my emails to the marco tagliaferri store in Italy, I've received no replies so far. I was looking for the same bag on one of the Olsen twins.
    It's this one:
    Anyone have any ideas on how to get one?
    I've tried eBay but there were none.
    Clues anyone??

    Thanks so much!!
  2. I'm trying to find one too. Any clues anyone? I can't find his bags for sale ANYWHERE! Thanks!

  3. I live in Italy and know a loot of italian brands but I've NEVER heard about this brad, sorry! :confused1:

  4. Earlier today, I chatted with Mischelle from Blondette about this designer bag and she has contacted the company about possibly carrying this line!! Just recently, she started selling Gadino and has expressed interest in carrying other difficult to find designer bags. She's is so wonderful. How many boutique owners do you know of that will try to carry brands that are not readily available and almost impossible to find here in the US? That's why I am now and will remain a Blondette customer! She's also a forum member, so once she hears back from Marco Tagliaferri she will let us know her findings.