Marco Bicego

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  1. Anyone own a piece? Thoughts? Worth the price?

    I'm looking at these two for future purchases ...
    marco.jpg marco2.jpg
  2. They're pretty, but I'm unfamiliar with Marco Bicego. Where did you see them?
  3. I love Marco Bicego and have a necklace, bracelet, and earrings by him. Unfortunately, either his popularity or the dollar's decline have greatly increased the prices in the US this past year. :sad:
  4. i haven't seen them in person but i have seen an occasional add in vogue or instyle and other magazines and i think it looks really pretty
  5. Hi, I have several pieces. A necklace, a bracelet and three pairs of earrings. Gorgeous, fluid pieces that you can have a lot of mileage with. May it be with flowy dresses, jeans or evening wear for a nite out, very versatile. It's one designer that once you start with your first piece, you can't help but buy the next..

    Try visiting their website to see more designs..
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  6. Of the two, I like the one on the right more. But I wouldn't buy either pieces.. they're simply not my style :P
  7. I have a few of his peices. I love that necklace. BBB carries the line and
    I buy there.
  8. I have some Marco Bicego earrings and love them. They look very similar to these. I bought mine at NM.

  9. I have a long chain that can be doubled up with gold tiny solid circles on it from Marco Bicego and I love it. It's so versatile.
  10. I saw a ring of his in a magazine once...I am wondering if it is still available...Confetti Gemme Collection. Anyone own one or know of where to find one? I didn't see it on his website.
  11. clinton.jpg
  12. I don't love H.C., but I do love that necklace!!
  13. I have this necklace from the Paradise collection in 18" and I love it, I am hoping to buy a matching bracelet. Even though I own more of the whitegold/platinum jewellery. Go for it:yahoo:
  14. I love his Jaipur collection, how have his jewelry held up for you ladies? I see them available at bloomingdales, but the prices are large. I love all the gem cluster pieces best but they are 2-4k