MarcJacobs sell any Extra Leather strap?

  1. I was glad to have my 1st MJ Melinda bag! I love & enjoying it! I was wondering does Marc Jacobs sell any extra strap or shoulder leather strap for this Melinda Model Bag? I like the gold strap, but was thinking if i could get a leather black handle/shoulder strap to put on this bag like the one in MJ Stam bag. Any ideas?? thank U very much! :yes:
    MJ4 (2).jpg
  2. I have said for years that I wished there was a way to interchange straps. I love the strap drop on the Blake, but the Venetia bag is a much better size for me. I've always joked if I could just buy two sets of handles, that would be ideal! Perhaps we are onto something here? Looking forward to see what others say about your thread... I await the answer with you, maritte16!