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  1. :huh: I was hoping to peruse the the Fall bags over lunch, but all I get is a blank page. Is it just my wacky computer/browser, or does the site appear to be down right now?
  2. It's working fine for me. Have you been on the site before? I know with some browsers it can be a pain.
  3. Hey there, thanks for letting me know it's ok. I figured it was just the outdated browser on my laptop (I'm in transit). The site's worked fine for me in the past with no problems...I'll try fussing with the settings. ;)
  4. Maybe your bank blocked the site. :lol:

  5. :lol: It's not the bank I'm worried about...I was becoming a wee bit suspect that the old PHH had cunningly devised a wicked plan, and sabatoged my "Perferences" in an evil effort to thwart my handbag browsing :devil:.

    I can get the site fine on our other computer (PC), but I'm afraid something needs tweeking on the poor iBook laptop, it's having difficulties with flash and lags something awful...:whistle:
  6. you probably need to update your Flash settings by dling the newest software. I can view it mine on my new computer but on my trusty old Gateway all I see are red xs.
  7. The MJ site is difficult to navigate. I use Firefox, so maybe it's partial to IE. A lot of flash to it. I just want to find the bags and get on with it.
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