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  1. Am I the only one to find Marcie medium heavy ? I have it in cashmere grey and love it but it is really heavy and I don't carry so much :sad:
  2. I don't mind the weight of the Marcie but I've only tried it in the store.
  3. I find it a bit heavy and usually carry it multiple ways if I'm shopping for more than a few hours. At least it offers flexibility :smile:
  4. Yes it is a bit heavy, but I cannot say enough for the quality of leather. I use my tan Marcie so often and have had it for about 3 years and it looks brand new. No scratches, marks or signs of wear. Just gorgeous soft leather. Love this bag!!!
  5. I have a few. Most of them are actually not heavy. But one of them is noticeably heavy -- the braided in nut color. I won't use this if I know I will be walking around a lot. It's so buttery soft that I still love it despite its weight.
  6. I find it heavy too but i've still been using it especially during travels as its so easy to match and functional :smile:
  7. I found the medium one with shoulder strap is not heavy but my large Marcie is so heavy but still couldn't resist with it. Am so in love with it and love use it when travelling. The quality of the leather is so good!
  8. i still love it and the leather is to die for... Should try with the strap, maybe the handles make it worse ...

    Thanks everyone
  9. Was just wondering the same thing. I have a very heavy 2 pound leather and its heavy without stuff. I wondered how heavy these are.
  10. It is a bit heavy but not terrible IMO. I'm used to a balenciaga city and even then the Marcie is not terrible. The handles are kind of large and hefty.
  11. It was partly how light they were compared to my Mulberry bags that made me want one !
  12. I just bought my first Marcie handbag and even though it's a bit heavy, the beauty and quality totally compensates for that
  13. I have two medium Marcies, red and blue. I love them and don't find them to be too heavy. I love the leather and the style is so different from so many of the bags you see today.