Marcie vs. Paraty. Challenge! And the winner is...

  1. Lets keep the pictures coming!! I love seeing pictures of bags I love! Yes RERE Wednesday is finally almost here! I am anxiously awaiting the UPS truck! Aghhh!
  2. So, Rere, I got my nut marcie satchel in small and...sad to say it is not me! I love the color, the look of the bag, etc., but the handles on my shoulders really did not feel comfortable! They were just too rounded & stiff! Also kept falling off my shoulder. My paraty on my shoulder feels more comfortable. It also looked too big on me - definately not what I imagined a small sized satchel to be. The long strap was wayyy too long! So although I love the look of the bag, sadly she is going back:sad: Oh well, at least I have my paraty which I really really love!
  3. your collection is amazing! thanks for taking the time to do this comparison and for the great pics! The ash marcie was once on my wish list and still is thanks to your photos! I think I will take Old Pink paraty out for a spin today...
  4. Love all the comparison pictures, thanks for posting. I've been carrying my Ash large Marcie for over a week and she just keeps getting the compliments. Ash is a great color, so versatile. I normally change bags daily, but the Ash Marcie is just so easy.
  5. Awww! No! So you didn't fall for it right away huh? I will say, I do believe the handles are slightly too big. But again, I don't know whats "inside" the rolled handles. I imagine its just leather wrapped around something sturdy but maybe Chloe made the handles that thick for a reason? Been carrying mine for about 5 days now and the handles have softened ever so slightly. What did you think of the color and leather though?

    I guess its back to the Paraty for you, eh? No matter, the Paraty is awesome. :biggrin:

    You have a Paraty and haven't already bought a Marcie? I think everyone needs the Paraty and Marcie duo. So many pros to each bag. I was considering Old Pink, that color is so gorgeous. Right up my alley. Any pics for you to share with me? :graucho: Thanks for stopping in!

    Yeeee! Another lover! The color, I just can't say enough about the color. If you take a look at my iphone photos, a lot of them are of the Ash Marcie lately, LOL. I send them to my friend and I'm sure she's tired of seeing them EVERYDAY now. Hahaha. I can't help it! Its amazing. May we see yours?!
  6. The nut color was very nice. I guess I was looking more for a shoulder bag. Maybe the marcie hobo? Funny, I tried on the marcie small satchel in skin color at Saks & loved it! But for some reason, the nut marcie (same size) was $100 less in Nordstrom so I bought mine from there instead. It even came with the long strap. I guess I could go back to Saks & try on the skin marcie again & also the hobos. The skin color is very nice, I think I like it better than nut.
  7. You know... there's been some debate on sizing. But the medium with a strap, is indeed SMALLER in size than the medium without a strap. Weird right? Maybe thats why it was $100 less, cause it was smaller?

    I was REALLY confused at first, but a good friend of mine went to Chloe and sorted it out with a measuring tape. The "medium with a strap" is SMALLER than the "medium without a strap." There is a Marcie with BRAIDED detailing on the front (not ours), and THAT one has different sizing options than the non-braided ones. So confusing.

    What are you gonna get next?
  8. GOrgeous purses, ladies! Im saving for a Marcie :smile:. Rock and ash color are so nice... Where can we get those colors?
  9. I know! I think my Nordstrom marcie was medium, but they listed it as small. It measured 14" across, but Saks website says small is 10" or 11" (?) across. Very weird.
    I also noticed the detailing on the side of the small & medium are different. The "smile" detail on the flap pocket goes up higher on one bag & is lower on the other - you can see it on the Saks website. The skin marcie I really loved! I will have to check it out tomorrow & see what is different about it. I think it had the long strap. I know I loved it when I tried it on!

    I don't know what I will get. To tell you the truth, I really need a black bag. I want a hobo, squooshy, smooshy, not too big & not too much hw & no apparent logo. So tomorrow morning when I return my marcie to Nordstroms I will have a look around. I may just enjoy my paraty for now & wait til I find something perfect! I will definately let you know if I end up with something!
  10. Just a small word on the subject of the Marcie rolled double handles (I have what I think is called the small version in 'Choc Suede' with the additional shoulder strap). They do soften up quite a bit. When I bought my first Marcie ( in 'Nut' with the strap) I found the handles hard work and one of them also kept slipping off my shoulder. Eventually 'Nut' was re-homed to make way for 'Choc Suede' even though I still wasn't 100% sold on the handles, but miraculously the handles on the 'Choc' are now really pliable, comfy and no longer seem to do the slipping thing. So, for anyone who loves the Marcie shape, I would say it's worth persevering because in time the handle situation really improves ( or at least they did in my experience !).
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Tagullah!

    I really want a marcie satchel but too bad I'm on bag ban until next year (just bought 3 bags in NY last month).
  12. REREsaurus, here is a pic of mine as requested -- along with matching Chloe sunglasses.
    017 - Copy.JPG
  13. Wow I still really love the marcie. I love your picture of your beautiful marcie Ilson.
    ReRe, I did not make it to Saks as I ended up buying a Coach Maggie in black. I had to get to work so I was not able to make it to Saks. I cannot believe I ended up with a Coach bag because I am not a Coach girl, but I really needed a black bag, hobo shape & this bag was so nice! I actually think it is nicer than the past Maggies. Smooth smooshy leather with a nice sheen, brass hw, beautiful purple lining. They changed the hw a bit & it really is a nice looking bag. I really love the look of this bag. I bought & returned a black coach Madison Audrey that I got on sale from Nordstrom recently - just did not love it.

    I still love Chloe the best though - best leather ever! My biggest problem is which bag do I use? I have my caramel Chloe Paraty (love, love, love), my Rebecca Minkoff wine Nikki hobo (really really nice), my Rebecca Minkoff verdes MAM (love), A Coach bridle bag (that I won!) from 1998 (made in USA!) & my new Coach black maggie hobo. I am just so happy with my bags!!!

    I will go to Saks next week & check out the skin marcie satchel & also the hobos & see if I still feel the love. If I do, I will buy one. I do know I loved the skin marcie when I tried it on! Your marcies are so beautiful ladies!
  14. I love your Ash and I'm so tempted to get one in that color. The paraty doesn't do a thing for me so I guess I'm just a Marcie girl. I love my nut but the Ash is beautiful. Regarding the size, I don't know if my "small" with strap was any bigger I don't think I would have liked it. It's fits just perfectly on my shoulder and the cross body strap sits at a perfect spot.
    I'm sorry I still haven't posted the photos.. I only have energy to sit at the computer for short periods of time...
  15. Oh, so the handles break in & are more comfortable with use? I should have known. My paraty is like that. At first it was squeaky, creaky & stiff, but loosened up & now feels just perfect! After only 2 months of use! I am not giving up on the marcie. I really loved the Saks marcie in skin & also the hobo. I need to try it on again.