Marcie vs. Paraty. Challenge! And the winner is...

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  1. Hi, I am getting myself a medium black Paraty and had bought myself a small Marcie in tan, spacious enough to keep my daily work essentials.

    I dont think it would get that dirty in tan, wood colours unlike the light colours in dove.. It should be a safe colour. My personal opinions.
  2. Thanks so much for the info! I will get myself one soon!!
  3. when u say you wana use it as work you mean that you gonna carry it a lot with heavy stuff or just as daily use. if its daily use i think it will b not problem for sure. the bag leather and sewing is very durable. hope this answers ur question:P
  4. This is an amazing post! I was literally trying to decide between the two today and you have given me all the details that i need to decide. Hopefully I will have a reveal soon!
  5. Aww geez. I just got the Marcie last week... LOVE it...but I am still pining for a black Paraty!!! Nice to have enablers on here bc my husband and friends think I am insane for collecting my darling Chloe bags. Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm, everyone!!!
  6. Cool! How many Chloe bags have you collected *bought? Hehe
  7. Hi Rere, I know this is an older thread but was wondering if you still have your Rock Paraty. I've seen so many pictures of Rock but yours is exactly the color I've been hoping for in a grey bag. I ordered one from hgbagsonline last night and am crossing my fingers! Could you tell me if your Rock has changed color at all since your purchase?
  8. Hi everyone!
    I LOOOOVE the look of these bags, but which one would you recommend for someone with a baby? Durability is a factor these days!
  9. PS-- You guys are really making me want a Chloe! LOVE all the pics!
  10. God, I want a paraty sooooooo bad.....
  11. I have a paraty and it gets beaten around, especially on air travel. Holds a lot and looks like new even after the stewardess shoved and squished it into the overhead compartment.
  12. Hey !
    They are so beautiful !
    But just something about the Paraty : don't you think taht handles make too much "gling gling" noise ? Sometimes with mine I am feeling like a cow in the country...
    But fortunately it is really a practical bag.
  13. Yes!! that drove me nuts at first, but now i am so used to it & hardly hear it at all. love this bag too much!
  14. Also a Balenciaga addict. I have 20. Thinking of getting my first Chloe. After reading your post I think I will get both the Paraty and the Marcy. Thank you so much for the info. Seeing pictures is very different than taking the opinion of someone who actually has used both of them. Thank you once more. Very helpful info!:smile:
  15. I found this older post today while I was searching for more info about Paraty vs Marcie--and also to see more pics of light tan. I wanted to say thank you for your review and beautiful pics. I just bought my first Chloe, a medium Paraty in Light Tan...Thanks to your pics. :biggrin: Seems like a great neutral. How is yours holding up?
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