Marcie small baguette vs Faye small day

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  1. Advice needed!
    How would you choose between the Marcie small baguette (which doesn't seem to be very commonly seen) and the Faye small day? I'm looking at both in the motty gray colour.
    Does anyone have any comments on the Marcie small baguette?
    It seems the Marcie is more formal looking whereas the Faye seems more suited as a casual day bag. What do you think?
    Would love thoughts from everyone especially anyone who owns the Marcie small baguette since I really can't find any comments on it!

    P00395330.jpg 32b4e2ff-c1a3-44e2-88a0-50621394eb9c.jpeg
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  2. not a fan o the Marcie baguette, love the original classic marcie way more.... as you said, it is not commonly seen.. for this reason i choose Faye
  3. Thanks! I went with the Faye in the end
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  4. I have a small Faye Day and honestly its one of my more commonly used bags, it fits all of my essentials (not much leftover room) ... plus the motty grey color is a great neutral - i have a medium faye day in the motty and i wish it was the smaller size.

    anyways good choice! post pics!