marcie satchel

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  1. hi can anyone give me some advise on the marcie satchel ,or the mini marcie satchel,im thinking of buying one and wondering about the size,just how small is the mini satchel ? ,thanks
  2. Hi Julie,
    I have the Marcie messenger/satchel with the zipper, owned the mini version at one point and owned several Mulberry Antony's as well!

    I didn't get on with the mini satchel. It was just too small to fit a continental wallet, I found that the front flap was too heavy and that the bag tilted forward. Didn't like the way it closed either - just the strings which could be tied together, but that didn't make Marcie look better imo. Great for a night out I suppose. Apologies to happy mini satchel owners out there!!

    I'm loving my Marcie messenger/satchel with zipper :smile:! It's roomy enough to be a real handbag. Fits large wallet, Mulberry organizer, sunnies, phone, keys and lots more. Still it's a practical sling and go bag. The strap is nice and long but can be adjusted to shoulder bag size or even hobo I've been told.

    Mr Antony is a good looking but a bit too small for me. Perfect for just wallet, phone and keys but not comfortable when fully packed.

    Hope this helps?
  3. Thanks that's great I'm hoping they Marcie satchel might go in the sale this year ! Is seems the better option if the two , and they do look more attractive that the mulberry Antony
  4. Good luck with what you decide, Julie!

    DD - how do you find the zip opening on the messenger? Is it fiddly to get in and out of? Do you have to undo both zips to get into it?
  5. Hiya! Yes, it's quite fiddly to get in to to be honest, but I don't mind! Sometimes I leave it open for a bit... It does look nicer with the two zips fastened.
    How is Plummy doing by the way?
  6. :biggrin: Plummy is doing really well - I use her mainly at the weekend. It's the most practical bag I have!! Love her and I want more Marcies! But I do feel they are more of a casual bag, or do you think it's the plum colour that's more casual?

    Or is it because I'm used to using my bayswaters for work? :smile: