Marcie, merci, In Whiskey, I see...

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  1. Hi gals - I am also debating between large and medium double handle marcie. I have a RM MAB also - since the larger marcie is only slightly bigger than the MAB, maybe that's the one I need?

    Love all the photos!! :yahoo:
  2. I :love: all your pics, kdo...May I ask how tall are u? I'm 160cm & am contemplating to get either the medium or large Marcie but I'm worried that the large will be too big on me...
  3. kdo, your marcie is beautiful! :smile:
  4. extravagantlass - thank you! I am around 152cm and I love large size. The medium is just a tad smaller than a sm/med paraty, if that helps.

    trontroy - thanks so much!
  5. I love this:biggrin:
    Trying to decide between medium/large and tote/hobo before I take the Marcie plunge:nuts:
  6. hi kdo! just wondering. is this the same bag it says on Nap that it's whiskey but it's looks more tan/oak and the reddish hue i see in your Marcie is not very evident in their pics. I want to purchase the bag but i'm confused about the color. help! :smile:
  7. Hello Chloe lovers.....I absolutely love the Marcie style too!
    I have noticed only on a very few Marcies the edges around the body of the bag is unfinished, or left soft and raw...does anyone know the story on that?
    Thanks girls!
  8. Circa, the unfinished edges are on first season Marcies. HTH!

  9. CONGRATS! I love the color of your bag!
  10. Glad I found your wondering same thing and just started researching today! Must start a Marcie collection :graucho: supply is very limited locally but oh head won't explode this way.
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