Marcie, merci, In Whiskey, I see...

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  1. kdo - you take wonderful pictures, marcie looks amazing, and more so in close up.
    Love your outfits - congrats on a great chloe
  2. mulberrybags - oh, congrats on the Mavis! Can't wait to see...which color did you get? Yes, Marcie would be a terrific next Chloe! :graucho:

    :graucho::graucho: thank you!

    Thank you, Ro! :flowers: Great to "see" you!
  3. Hi all! What size marcie satchel does Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson have??
  4. Jessica has the large and I believe Rachel has the small.

  5. Congrats kdo! I remember seeing your mod shots in the other thread and the bag looks great on you! :smile:
  6. :ty: margaritas!
  7. hi kdo!

    I was wondering if you could take a side by side pic of your Large Marcie and Sm/Med Paraty? I think I want a small Marcie, but the more I look at your modeling pics, I think a Large might work better for me. No hurry...thanks in advance!
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    You are killing me with these pictures!! I didn't see this thread until just now and I am floored by how beautiful this bag is. You look FABULOUS with it!! Love the picture with the little one too :tup:

    This marcie style is going to be the end of me. I already want one in every color and every shape.. hobo, large satchel.. etc. I must stay away from this sub. Le sigh..
  9. Hi Kitcat - No problem, I'll take one in tomorrow for you.

  10. LOL, LR! Thanks for the compliment. My dd loves to be included in the fun. I totally agree, the Marcie has a certain stylish ease to it that is uniquely Chloe. Whiskey is amazing. You should also check out madforchloe's Wood satchel and Lillemy_74's beige python hobo -- both stunning. It really does make me want one in every color and style, too. :nuts:

  11. thanks kdo! I'm also wondering how it compares in size to your RM MAB too...
  12. ^ The MAB is quite a bit smaller than this bag, IMO. Although the MAB is a bit deeper it does not have the length that this bag has.

    I'm sure kdo can elaborate a bit more.
  13. Hi kitcat, here are some comparison pics for you. I had to hang the MAB cuz it's just a puddle of leather. Also, keep in mind my Marcie is fully stuffed, otherwise it'll be a puddle of leather, too.




    The MAB is deeper than the Marcie by about 2-3 inches, and the Marcie is taller than the MAB by about 3-4 inches. My BBW MAB is very smooshy, even the base, so it hangs and wears perfectly for me. HTH!
  14. kdo!!! thank you so much for these pics! :flowers:

    These are great comparisons. I think the large one is the size I'm looking for after all. I like my totes to be bigger and it looks like it's just a smidge bigger than the MAB. I think the shorter handle drop helps with the proportions as well.

    thank you thank you thank you! Funny...but I think we might be bag twins many times over!!!
  15. kitcat, you are very welcome! If you love the MAB, I think you'd be pleased with the large Marcie. Yay, bag twin -- great minds think alike!

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