Marcie Medium Satchel

I bought the medium in burgundy last year -- and I love it far more than I thought I would. The only thing I don't like are the hanging strap things which make a click-clack sound when you're walking. I tie them in a knot to prevent this. I also bought the black small, but for some reason this size didn't work for me and I sold it. The medium is a keeper though!
Hi guys
I too love the Medium Marcie in both the tote with shoulder strap and the saddle bag. I have had the tote in black, cashmere grey and violette colour which I love! I think there's no such thing as out of style with these bags and I agree with so many of you - wear what you love! :smile:

I particularly like that the saddle bag has no clunky zip.
But I have a dilemma, peeps:

I bought one from Cruise Fashion (UK based e- and bricks and mortar retailer and I'm in the UK) but when it arrived it had a flaw - see photos. I've taken them closer and closer to the bag so you can see. I collected the bag in store and unwrapped it at home later that day. Looks like the ding in the pebbled leather is due to storage issues.

As it was older stock it was sold at a slightly reduced price and was the last one. Shall I
a) get a full refund and buy elsewhere hoping I can find it for a similar more affordable price or
b) negotiate to get some money off?
What are your thoughts looking at the flaw - indentation in the bag? Love to hear your views.
TIA! :smile: X



I was wondering if anyone has got or tried the small and medium Marcies? I’m keen to get one of them but I’m worried the medium might be a bit big on me, since I’m not very tall! Would be interested to hear if anyone had tried both and what they thought.
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I think it's a classic now. It's even featured in "You" Season 3 in 2021. Love had it with her on several occasions.

This reminds me to bring out my weird colored one :biggrin:

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