Marcie Medium Satchel


Sep 6, 2011
I have been a fan of this bag forever. I'm finally thinking about purchasing it in red or grey.
I'm wondering if its a has been! Hahaha. Its a great bag. I has been around a long time and I never see it in person.
Please, let me know your thoughts. Hugs, ~Suz.


New Member
Sep 22, 2022
I almost bought this Very bag last week because it is so pretty and such a classic but I opted for the YSL Nikki instead. The only concern I had with the Chloe was the strap since I like to wear crossbody more so than just on my shoulder. The leather strap on the Chloe is very similar to the same leather used on my Gucci soho and granted I have worn my Gucci soho a TON over the years in and out of rotation but it is looking a bit worn. I can hopefully purchase a replacement strap for the Soho since it clips on the ends. My concern with the Chloe strap is that it was made into the bag and replacement would be difficult, if even possible. I would love to hear from others how well the strap has held up over the years. I think it is a beautiful bag and I love that I do not see it on everyone!