Marcie Love!

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  1. I’m glad they are returning it for you!
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  2. I think you were right to return, I also got my Marcie preloved and when I opened the dustbag it definitely had that wonderful leather smell even though it wasn’t new. I hope you find another one that you like quick [emoji173]️
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  3. OH GOD. That's probably why they took so long :sad: I just bought my last bag from them. Is it wrong to just presume that from here on out it's better to get Chloe from authorized retailers? They don't seem to have an authentication system as a brand, and we're relying on these resellers to tell us what is what. Thank God for tPF authenticators, otherwise we'd be getting fleeced all the time. Sorry this didn't work out for you :sad: It did look like a gorgeous bag
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  4. IRL it looked like a hot mess and smelled like one! It didn’t look like leather! Smelled of chemicals!
  5. RealReal said I could return, they have had the bag for over a week. Dragging their heels as far as the refund goes. I would never do business with them again!
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